LLC/Partnership/S Corp

It is essential for CPAs to understand accounting, auditing, and tax standards as they pertain to pass-through entities. Limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, S corporations, and sole proprietorships handle taxation differently than other major corporations, and CPA Self-Study’s courses can help you understand these differences while providing required CPE credits.

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Our continuing professional education courses on pass-through entities cover income tax, federal tax, tax planning, tax law, tax returns, reporting issues, special allocations, qualified business income, and additional topics as they pertain to small businesses. Tax reform and tax cuts have a different effect on smaller business entities, and it is important for business owners and CPAs working with them to understand the implications of these developments. Whether trying to assess planning opportunities or understand IRS standards as they pertain to pass-through entities, these courses will allow CPAs to develop knowledge that allows them to effectively assist their clients and the organizations they represent.


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