We offer an extensive selection of Excel CPE self-study courses, covering a variety of topics that are ideal for CPAs, CFOs, and other accountancy professionals. Like most computer software skills, learning by doing works best for most people looking to build their Excel skills. For this reason, we focus on incorporating step-by-step instructions in our Excel self-study courses, so that you can easily understand what you should do and why. Our exercise files allow you to follow along in an EBook (PDF) and try the steps yourself. Our Excel experts have found that this is the best way to meet your learning objectives and ultimately become an Excel expert, too!


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Our Excel courses qualify for credits in the NASBA field of study Computer Software & Applications.

Many of our Excel CPE courses also offer “TRY-IT” exercises, where you can work independently through an exercise similar to one covered in the Ebook. This helps to reinforce the material and ensures that you can actually apply what you learned in the EBook. Answer files are also generally included.

Our Excel courses cover Excel 2007 through Excel 2016. We have Excel continuing professional education courses on Must Know Functions, VLookups, Charts, Pivot Tables, keyboard shortcuts, and Excel Dashboards to name a few. If you’d like a more general overview, a popular option is our Must Know Excel Tips, Tricks, and Tools for the CPA.

With our offering of self-study Excel CPE courses, not only will you be able to fulfill those essential CPE credits, but also develop your advanced Excel understanding. CPAs and those in a related field of study often require a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Excel’s features and functions, and our self-study courses allow you to work your way toward becoming an Excel expert. Think of all the time you’ll save by no longer needing to Google how to perform this or that task in Excel! Specific Excel functions can be learned through individual courses, but you can also gain access to all of our Excel continuing professional education courses with an Unlimited CPE Subscription.


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