Must Know Excel Tips, Tricks, and Tools for the CPA (PSMC)

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This course is designed for the intermediate user of Excel 2013 and 2016 who are looking to improve their productivity and to learn some cool new Excel skills. The course covers some basics, along with some advanced tips and tricks on selecting, navigating as well as copying and moving data efficiently. It also covers a spectrum of functions that can be used in everyday practice. Functions such as SUBTOTAL, SUMIF, SUMIFs as well as INDEX MATCH are discussed. New functions, such as AGGREGATE, IFNA, TEXTJOIN and IFS functions are covered. Comparing lists using arrays is overviewed. Pivot tables are discussed in detail. Other topics include: functions and tools for importing data into Excel, conditional formatting as well as charts. There are no associated Excel files.

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Knowledge of Excel and how to create a formula and use functions.

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Major Topics:

  • Overview of Excel tips, tricks, and tools for the CPA 
  • Navigating 
  • Copying / Moving / Grouping 
  • Custom Formats
  •  Must Know Functions Nested IF 
  • Miscellaneous Formulas You May Actually Need One Day Pivot Tables Charts

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize different short cut keys and what they do 
  • Recognize the steps needed to pin a file Identify and create range names 
  • Recognize different ways to navigate within and between Excel workbooks Identify some of Excel’s new features and functions 
  • Recognize different copy and move methods
  • Identify different types of formatting and how to apply them
  • Identify different functions and formulas and when to apply them 
  • Recognize the different components of a Pivot Table and how to create and edit them 
  • Identify types of charts to use and how to create them 
  • Identify features that allow you to evaluate the workings of formulas and functions

Designed For:

All CPAs