Subscription Catalog Example

Subscription Catalog – How to Search

Below is what the course catalog looks like.

You can search through the catalog at to find a course and then go to the subscription catalog to enroll or you can
search directly in the subscription catalog.
The difference? The descriptions on contain a link to a table of contents, the author’s name, publication/update date and the course learning objectives.

CPE subscription catalog example

  • “It is rare that i can actually say that I enjoyed a CPE course but I found this one informative and very interesting, relying more on the author’s examples and not just quoting tax code!  [Healthcare Reform: The affordable Care Act Tax Provisions]

    - Thomas

  • Your ethics course was the most interesting and clear course I have taken. I usually dread the years it is required but this year was a pleasant surprise.

    - Terry

  • ” I was able to get a head start on my credit losses research through your CPE self study this past weekend.  Excellent quality format – so much better than some of the other resources I’ve been using lately.”  Dec 12, 2018

    - Andrea Ll.