How to Purchase & Register for a CPE Course

Purchasing and Registering in a CPE Course is on buying a cpe course

The process is pretty easy.
You can read the instructions below or you can click on the picture to the left to watch a video of the process.



  1. Find a CPE course that interests you.
  2. Click the Course Description to see all of the course information.
  3. Click the Buy  button.
  4. At this point a brief outline of the course and its price appears.
  5. Click Add to Cart.
  6.  Click View Cart or Checkout.

 If you are a NEW student –

purchase and register

– Select “Click here to register”.





new account

  • You will need to create a user id and password of your own choosing. This allows you to get back into the course whenever you want.
  • Enter your credit card information and click Submit.
  • You will see a link to the course you purchased and you can go there immediately or you can wait for the email with the link it as well.
  • Click on Launch and it will take you to the course.
    • EBooks and Videos are immediately downloadable.
    • You will also receive a welcome email from the Registrar with your user id, the courses you registered for and a link to the course.


The fastest way to get back to the course materials or the exam is to click the Student Login icon located on the top of the website. You can also go to

If you are a RETURNING student,
Enter your userid and password in the Login dialog box

login info

  • Once you log in, you will see a list of your courses.
  • Click Launch to go to the course.






If you forget  your password, you can recover it by clicking the Recover Password link under the Login dialog box.


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