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Free CPE


We currently offer a FREE CPE course. 

To access our FREE 1 hour Continuing professional education course please click here or click on the image of the Keyboard with the word Free on it.

free cpe for cpas -course link
When you checkout you will be asked to create a user id and password of your choosing if you are a new customer.
This allows you to get back to the course and exam at anytime and from anywhere. Also, we need your name so that it appears correctly on the CPE certificate. There is no cost  for this course. – It is totally FREE.


  • Overall I was very pleased with the course. Previously I knew just enough about pivot tables to be dangerous. Now I see the power that they have and I feel much more confident using pivot tables. The course materials were very clear and well prepared. I’ll be looking at your website for future CPE hours.

    - Scott

  • I wanted to compliment you on the Accounting Fraud – Recent Case Studies (AUCASEMC) course I just took. The ebook was fantastic! Concise, easy to understand, very well structured, and very interesting. Exactly the way I like it. Thank you for putting it together. I feel it took me enough time to be worth 2 CPEs, but it was fantastic nonetheless. Thank you.

    - Mark R.

  • Thank you Patricia. I really love your courses. I learned so much about excel this weekend!”

    - Connie K.