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We currently offer a FREE CPE course. 

To access our FREE 1 hour Continuing professional education course please click here or click on the image of the Keyboard with the word Free on it.

free cpe for cpas -course link
When you checkout you will be asked to create a user id and password of your choosing if you are a new customer.
This allows you to get back to the course and exam at anytime and from anywhere. Also, we need your name so that it appears correctly on the CPE certificate. There is no cost  for this course. – It is totally FREE.

We also offer opportunities to pilot CPE courses at no cost to you.
CPE Pilot Info

NASBA and many states have guidelines requiring CPE courses to be tested by licensed CPAs to determine the technical accuracy of the material as well as to determine the length of time that the course actually takes.  So, guess what – we need volunteers to help us meet these guidelines.

free cpe for cpas -as a pilot What do you get out of it?
A. A good feeling for helping out?
B. Free CPE!
C.  Learning something
D. All of the above

Yes- the answer is D!
You help us out and get free CPE!  What a deal.

How does Piloting work?

  • We will notify you when a course is available for pilot and the timetable involved.
  • Email us back to confirm that you have the interest and time to be a pilot for that course.
  • We’ll register you in the course and you can access all the course materials on line. You can read online or print the materials.
  • Take the course
  • Keep accurate track of time spent going through the course materials including the exam.
  • Make notes on any unclear instructions or general difficulties.
  • Complete and pass the exam with 70% or higher
  • Complete a short course evaluation of about 5-7 questions.
  • Submit a pilot form attesting to the number of minutes spent on the course and a 1 page resume.

If interested, sign up on the form below and we’ll email you when a course is available.
Do I have to take the test all at once?
No. The test can be taken at different times or days. You just need to keep accurate records of the time actually spent on the course- including study guide and exam.
When do you need the pilot information back?
Generally we ask that the course be completed within 2 weeks. If you don’t have the time just let us know when we first ask and we’ll put your name back on the list for the next exam. If we don’t hear back in  about 10 days, we’ll send you a reminder and ask for a progress report. If we don’t hear back, we find a replacement pilot and you are removed from the course registration.
How many credit hours do I get?
The credit hours recommended for the course are determined by the average time of all the participating pilots so it will vary with every course and we will not be able to provide that information to you until we get everyone’s pilot forms back. So, you may not get a certificate immediately- depends if you are the first or last pilot doing the course.

Click Here to Sign  Up and Join Our Pilot Program

  • “Thank you for a high quality CPE resource. As a CPA in a small nonprofit, I find your library quite helpful to meet my needs. I appreciate the service.”- 

    - Cheryl

  • I wanted to compliment you on the Accounting Fraud – Recent Case Studies (AUCASEMC) course I just took. The ebook was fantastic! Concise, easy to understand, very well structured, and very interesting. Exactly the way I like it. Thank you for putting it together. I feel it took me enough time to be worth 2 CPEs, but it was fantastic nonetheless. Thank you.

    - Mark R.

  • “Excellent Regulatory Review Course. The self-study format (E-Book) provided an excellent overview of the regulatory requirements for California CPAs. I will be using the E-Book as  a reference material. Thank you for providing a very comprehensive yet affordable option for this required CPE.”

    - Constance