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faq on cpeFrequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • We have over 270 courses in our CPE Catalog.
  • You have instant access to EBooks (PDFs), Videos and Audio Courses as soon as you complete your purchase.
  • A passing grade is 70% unless specified otherwise.
  • You can re-take a CPE exam as many times as you wish at no additional charge.
  • Certificates are immediately available once the exam has been passed. We also email you a copy of the certificate.
  • You can sort courses in the catalog by clicking on the column headings – i.e. CPE Hours or Price.
  • You can read EBooks (PDF), watch Videos and listen to Audio courses on your IPad or tablet as well as on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Interactive as defined by NASBA means that there are Review Questions and they have detailed explanations/answers.
  • NASBA requires that courses expire 12 months from date of purchase.  The course expiration date displays beside the course name.
    We also send you a reminder email 2 weeks before the course expires.

FAQ- CPE Subscription

  • Our 12 month subscription service includes ALL self study courses on our site including Ethics and Regulatory Review courses. It does NOT include webinars nor our 3 tax videos.

FAQ- Online Exams 

  • You can re-take a CPE exam as many times as you wish at no additional charge.
  • A CPE exam may be stopped and re-started as often as you wish. If you are taking the exam, simply advance the exam to the next page to save the answers.
  • A passing grade is 70% unless specified otherwise.
  • On-line exams are automatically graded and the participants’s name, grade and date of the exam recorded.
  • Exams taken on-line will have a certificate instantly generated when a passing grade is earned. You are immediately notified when you pass the exam. You can then print your certificate if you wish. We also immediately email one to you.  Check your spam folder if you don’t see it within 10 minutes.
  • It is important that your email be typed in correctly otherwise you will not receive the certificate and you will have to login to print it.
  • Feedback is not provided on failed exams. Upon achieving a passing score, correct answers to the questions are reviewed. This is a NASBA requirement.

FAQ – Certificates

  • Certificates are automatically generated. You can immediately print it.
    We also email you a copy, however, they do sometimes end up in spam folders. You can reprint your certificate at anytime.  Go to (My Courses) and click on the minus sign to the left of the course and you will see the certificates you earned in that course. You can then click on the “View” link to open the PDF on your computer and print it.
  • It is important that your email be typed in correctly otherwise you will not receive the certificate and you will need to login to print it.
  •  It is also important that if you have a spam guard on your email, you unblock the domain

FAQ- Paper Exams 

  • For paper exams received in the mail, our certificates use the postmark as the exam date.
  • For exams received via email, our certificates use the date the email was sent as the exam date.
  • If you opted to take the exam on paper then a certificate will either be emailed/faxed or mailed depending upon your stated preference. Turnaround on paper exams is 7 days or less. If you’re in a big hurry – let us know and we’ll do our best to get it to you on your timetable.
  • Any exam that you purchased can be retaken at no additional charge.
  • There is no additional fee for scoring a paper exam.


  • If you are confused or have a question we did not answer then call or email us and we will walk you through it.
    Email  or call 317-912-4CPE (317-912-4273)
  • Overall I was very pleased with the course. Previously I knew just enough about pivot tables to be dangerous. Now I see the power that they have and I feel much more confident using pivot tables. The course materials were very clear and well prepared. I’ll be looking at your website for future CPE hours.

    - Scott

  • “The course on ethics was one of the best correspondence courses I ever used.  It was well organized and the examples used were extremely helpful.”

    - Tommy R.

  • “..may I say it is rarer that I ever have gotten a personal reply from a CPE Site! Glad I have found your site.”

    - Tom