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CPE Author – Schaeffer

Mary Schaeffer MBA

Mary has the inimitable ability to find accounts-payable-related solutions that really work—without making a major dent in the bottom line. She takes a “roll up your sleeves and dig into the details” approach to finding solutions to those problems that cause migraines for CFOs, controllers, and managers. Fifteen years spent researching and writing about payment issues gives Mary Schaeffer a unique vantage point. Combine that with an almost equal amount of time spent in the corporate trenches of several large finance and treasury departments and you’ll see why she’s become known as America’s leading accounts payable expert.

Mary is the author of 15+ business books and  runs AP Now, a boutique publishing and consulting firm focused on accounts payable issues.  She speaks regularly at industry events, one-day seminars and online. Mary has a BS in Mathematics from York College (CUNY) and a MBA in Finance from New York University. Mary Schaeffer - CPE Author

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