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Understanding Ethical Issues in Your Tax Practice (TXE4)

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Regulatory Ethics
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This four-hour course covers most of the specific ethical considerations that come into play as a practitioner in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service. It also covers sanctions and limitations on both clients and practitioners arising out of the preparation of an income tax return.

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Regulatory Ethics (Technical) (4)

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Regulatory Ethics (Technical)

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Experience in tax return preparation

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Major Topics:

  • What Internal Revenue Code penalty provisions associated with positions taken an income tax return apply to taxpayers
  • What Internal Revenue Code penalty provisions associated with positions taken an income tax return apply to tax return preparers
  • What is the difference between more-likely-than-not, substantial authority, realistic possibility, reasonable basis and a non-frivolous position
  • What limitations does the IRS place on fee arrangements
  • What duties does the practitioner have with respect to client records
  • What are the education requirements
  • What ethical considerations come into play under Circular 230 in connection with the conduct of a tax practitioner in connection with positions taken on an income tax return
  • What are the latest administrative regulations applicable to a tax return preparer
  • Who must be registered as a tax return preparer
  • Who is a tax return preparer
  • What limitations apply with respect t

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the standards that apply to a tax position taken by a tax return preparer
  • Understand a tax return preparer’s duties of registration, continuing education, and meeting competency standards by IRS-administered examination
  • Understand the authority of the OPR to discipline through sanctions individuals performing tax-related services

Designed For:

CPAs with a tax practice